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How to see hidden files and folders in the MacOS popup Finder

“Oh come on you silly Mac the folder is right here.”

A quick MacOS usage tip here. The other day I was setting up VSCode to view my local Kubernetes cluster for use with the official K8s extension, and by default minikube puts the config in a location like Users/user_name/.kube/config. Note the . in .kube. When you setup that extension and point it at a kubeconfig file of some sort, it opens a little popup version of the Finder tool, and when I navigated into the Users/user_name/ directory of course VSCode couldn’t see the /kube directory.

Now normally MacOS actually has a setting in the Finder preferences to make hidden folders and files visible, however being on a new Macbook I hadn’t set that up yet. Also having that on all the time can make the Finder tool a little….cluttered, when just using it to hunt down that custom emoji you want to upload to Slack. Turns out theres a slick shortcut to quickly toggle on seeing hidden items that works really well for this pop up view.

While clicked into the Finder window, just type


and BAM hidden files. Super slick for when you just want to quickly see that one pesky .config file or something.

Happy hunting.