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Five Things VSCode Part 3

What it says on the tin, more VSCode tips! Once again this will be written primarily as Mac shortcuts but all of these exists with the equivalent keys on Windows. Next instance select When you have any word / variable highlighted you can hit CTRL+D and the next instance of that thing down the page will also be selected in addition. Keep tappi... Read more

Mocking named exports in Jest unit tests

Apparently it takes forgetting and remembering how to do something about 3 times before I finally decide to take the time to write something down. I should work on that. This time around it was remembering how to mock out a named export function in Javascript for unit testing a React component. I rather love good unit testing so this was a probl... Read more

Initial thoughts on Github Co-Pilot

This is a post that will probably age poorly with the constantly improving technologies around language models, AI, ML, and their various implementations. It nonetheless feels worth writing down at least as a piece to reflect back on when that robot really does put me out of a job after seeing me talking smack about it on my personal blog. The ... Read more

Setting up Cypress tests in multiple directories

I’ve been learning a bit about end to end testing in Cypress through a project that involves re-architecting the UI of our application to work as a micro-frontends application. Each part of the larger application lives in its own subdirectory location and as part of this effort I’ve been moving end to end tests for each module into said subdirec... Read more

Setting up a new macOS machine for development

I recently started a new position at Yes Energy and with a new job comes a new laptop. This being one of the tasks done so infrequently that it never really gets memorized properly, I’m writing down how I got the thing working the way I want to save future me a lot of annoyance. And maybe you if you are similarly obsessive around mouse controls ... Read more