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Go unit testing in VSCode

I really like unit testing. And even more than unit testing I like tools that make it easy to do a lot of it quickly and get useful information back. In the past I’ve used a few coverage tools that print out tables with information on lines that are covered vs not covered but the Go extension from Google for VSCode is a real stand out to me now.... Read more

Shoshin 3: Sometimes walking backwards is better than forwards

Sometimes it helps to think things through backwards. As part of testing a new feature I was working on at work I needed to create a new Kubernetes Storage Class (SC) for a particular cluster and run some apps off of it. Storage classes for use with the applications I was looking to test of course had particular requirements for provisioners, re... Read more

Generating a Go trace and streaming it out of a pod

I recently found out that Go comes with a very useful built in trace generation tool, and when combined with the graphviz library allows for very easy analysis of a code trace. However. Once that trace file is generated inside of a container / pod, how do you get it back out onto your local machine for analysis? One solution is using the tar too... Read more

On Learning

What follows below are my reflections on the process of learning hard things. There’s no code in this post but it all applies to the process of learning computer programming and similarly complex subjects. My learning style will obviously not fit all but I hope this can be a useful road map to many of those trying to learning computer programmin... Read more

Conditional Call Stack Based Logging in Go

I like debuggers a lot. The ability to pause everything and inspect every variable at a specific point is like programming with your third eye open in a way that a good old print() statement can’t hope to compete with. However there are occasions (especially when working on a remotely deployed application) that the process of hooking up a debugg... Read more