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Shoshin 2: Jest tests can be ran asynchronous

Me and async clearly don’t have a great relationship, and once again, taking the time to slow down and read the manual is very important. Just because you’ve never seen async used in a test doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I was working on a set of Jest tests for some React code using React Testing Library and was specifically working on testing ... Read more

Setting up different Webpack configs for prod and dev

“Why are we running Webpack developer mode builds on a production test server?” “…good question I’ll get right on that.” Bringing in Webpack, Babel, Jest, and React to one of our legacy products has been a pretty awesome journey and there have been a lot of procedures and processes to get setup properly. One of those was figuring out how we wer... Read more

Dividing a Git branch after opening a PR

Lets say you’re working on a new feature on a branch called new_search_system and you pull request (PR) the work you’ve done so far. The PR takes some time to be reviewed and in the mean time you get started on some other related features on the same branch locally. Maybe you forgot to create a new branch for the new features (not like I would e... Read more

The Scorched Earth Guide to Adding Vue 2 to Django

As a follow up to my previous post on setting up React 16 in an existing Django app, here is the equivalent set up for Vue 2 in the same application. Comparing the two libraries, Vue wound up actually being the trickiest overall to configure. One issue was that looking for existing guides / blog posts on how to do this with Vue was like wanderin... Read more

The Scorched Earth Guide to Adding React 16 to Django

I hate greenfield guides. I really do. I know I know, how else are you going to teach the basics without confusing things unnecessarily? But I work in an industry, and at a company with many long running projects that we’d love to drag into the future without resorting to the nuclear solution of “sorry boss, gotta rebuild it from the ground up”.... Read more