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Five Things VSCode Part 2

So far VSCode has survived the transition to a Go / Kubernetes focused job, and in learning new things has came learning about some features of the editor I was previously unaware of. Quick note, the keyboard commands below are all using a Mac, though all of these commands exist on Windows too, you’ll just need to translate them over. Setting V... Read more

How to see hidden files and folders in the MacOS popup Finder

“Oh come on you silly Mac the folder is right here.” A quick MacOS usage tip here. The other day I was setting up VSCode to view my local Kubernetes cluster for use with the official K8s extension, and by default minikube puts the config in a location like Users/user_name/.kube/config. Note the . in .kube. When you setup that extension and poin... Read more

The only constant is change

Well I started a new job! After many years of service at ArcherDX / Invitae I have taken an MTS Software Engineer position at NetApp working with Go, Kubernetes, Python, and Docker. I learned an absurd amount at Archer and am very grateful for my time there, but with my recent interests in working with lower level static languages, along with D... Read more

Rendering React components directly in Django HTML templates.

The Ghost of Solutions Past In my “Scorched Earth Guide to Adding React 16 to Django” one of the sticking points was how to effectively pass data from the Django templates to React. Django’s template syntax is a very handy way to move data from the backend to the fronted of an application with few intermediate layers, and in legacy Django apps ... Read more

Docstring Driven Development: For when TDD struggles under the weight of shifting design.

When I started my first full time programming position, my manager at time gave me my first assignment: working through the book “Obey the Testing Goat” by Harry Percival (link to that at the bottom). It was a rather perfect book for the tech stack I was to be working in, being that unit / integration testing was a recent big focus of the group,... Read more