dash dash force Misadventures in software engineering

Custom Sliding Checkboxes

Default browser checkboxes are boring. So boring that as of this writing there isn’t much you can do with them besides simple resizing or color tweaks because their appearance is tied to your operating system. But what do you do when your UI/UX guy comes at you with some crazy design for a checkbox that isn’t even remotely close to what you can ... Read more

Me vs Docker Round 2: Optimizing Dockerfiles

In the interest of making a solid foundation for my app I made some passes at optimizing my Dockerfiles and splitting out dev dependencies. I also finally wrapped my head around how a / effects a Dockerfiles COPY function, which had previously confused me. Dockerfile RUN Optimizations An interesting concept I came across while reading and work... Read more

Me vs Docker Round 1: Nothing is as easy as it looks.

What follows are my attempts to Dockerize an old application I wrote and in the process totally rewriting it. Those of you experienced in Docker may find yourself yelling at your monitor, laughing or crying at my misunderstandings, maybe a bit of both. You’ve been warned. This isn’t going to be pretty. But hopefully from my struggles someone out... Read more

Finding a changed string in Git history

“I swear this css rule must have been used for something. Where did its HTML code go?” A question that lead me to a cool Git feature I didn’t know existed. git log -S. While investigating some styling issues on one of my companies webpages I came across some CSS code that contained exactly the rules to fix the problem I was trying to solve but ... Read more

Misadventures in Jquery Typeahead

During a recent project at work I had a rather painful adventure in some behavior around Jquery Typeahead and HTML form validation. You know that terrible feeling when you can’t find an answer on Stack Overflow and you start questioning your entire career because you don’t feel smart enough to solve a seemingly simple problem on your own? This w... Read more